domenica 14 agosto 2011

Fast Post - Kristen Stewart

Non sembra la ragazza che siamo abituati a vedere! Ma è bellissima!
She doesn't seem the girl that we are used to see! But she's beautiful!

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  1. She is the most beautiful girl I know I'm a big fan of here and this pict is wonderful thanks for sharing this my dear. GIVEA AWAY ON MY BLOG CHECK IT OUT

  2. oh la la we agree!! did you see our post? it has the rest of the pictures from this shoot, tres chic! we love how she looks completely different xoxo-MP/JP

  3. The cover is sooooo beautiful. Btw, your blog is like a treasury of fashion, love it!
    +to followed! If you want you can do the same! :D


  4. so beautiful.
    I follow you.
    It would make me very happy if you follow back.


  5. Sì, è vero! :)


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