domenica 18 marzo 2012

March's street fashion

Caroline Siebere and Elin Kling photographed by Candice Lake - source

Peony Lim and Barbara Martelo photographed by Candice Lake - source

Marianne and Poppy Delevingne photographed by Candice Lake - source

Laura Hoffman and Rose Smith photographed by Candice Lake - source

I love street chic posts, they are so real and inspiring! I love to put together the outfits and the photos that I liked the most! And I can say that Candice Lake is an amazing photographer! :) 

Hope you liked this post
Happy Sunday :)

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  1. nice - I like all the looks

  2. aww, thanks :)
    Comunque sì l'ho ripetuto giusto un po' di volte HAHA.

    aww adoro lo stile del #4 outfit ;)


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