lunedì 18 aprile 2011

Trend Alert - Crochet!

Uno dei prossimi trend che ci aspettano sarà il crochet.
T-shirt e gilet bucherellati ad arte saranno uno dei punti forti della prossima stagione. Ricordi provenienti dal passato riaffiorano su ogni capo, si perchè il crochet ci ricorda come non mai i tempi passati ed, ovviamente, il vintage!!

Qui di seguito alcuni outfit creati da alcune fashion blogger!! :)

One of the next trend we expect will be the crochet (or hook, how I should call it?)
T-shirts and vests riddled with perfect holes with art will be one of the highlights of next season. Memories from the past resurface on each item, because it reminds us the past and, of course, the vintage!

Here are some outfits created by some fashion bloggers! :)

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Vintage Blouse, Veromoda Shorts, Crochet Waistcoat From Charity Shop

Vintage Sunglasses, H&M Ring, Vintage Levis Shorts, Vintage Belt

Straw Boater From Http://Thebargainmonster.Blogspot.Com/2011/04/Boater Hat.Html, Kenneth Cole Straw Wedges, Eyeshadow Vest From Marshalls, Kimchi Blue Tank From Urban Outfitters

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  1. love the crochet looking tops

  2. Ciao :)
    Bellissimi look!

    Ti ho assegnato un premio sul mio blog!

    xoxo Mara


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